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Together we offer beautiful mirrors for each other's process

ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR 2018. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in my mentoring group. We meet once per month for 12 months. This is a trans formative group of light workers waking up to themselves. It is a deeply profound experience to discover your natural energetic talents and gifts. If you are interested in personal growth and energy at any level – please inquire. Ask yourself if this is your time to shine? If the answer is Yes – this is for you.


Intro to Meditation Next workshop January 11th 2018 (4 weeks on a Thursday from 7pm- 8:30 pm) Karen is pleased to offer a 4 week introductory meditation course that will be a prerequisite to the monthly meditation group. Bi-Monthly Group meditation is a trans formative gathering of loving beings interested in their own healing and that of the world. Please call or email to register.


An energy play workshop for all levels novice to advanced.. Enhance your skills and learn new tools while you develop a new level of awareness to take back to your practice. If you are interested in energy medicine – we will introduce you to giving and receiving energy healing in a fun light hearted environment.

L.I.G.H.T. Process

The Next L.I.G.H.T. Process weekend being held – watch for the date upcoming – 2018. The light process is a highly trans formative process that will shift your perception of yourself. Discover the magic that awaits you and experience yourself as the true light of your divine essence. Inquire about group workshops and private coaching.


SOULULAR THERAPY supports aligning to your true nature by attuning your frequency to your soul’s purpose.
Restore harmony by opening to the path of self-healing

WE ARE MAGNIFICENT BEINGS who desire to be unconditionally loved, and by learning to accept this from ourselves, we find happiness, wholeness and vibrant health. It is my desire and wish for every client to experience the expansiveness of their “true” self. Whatever course we take, it will be a celebration of your magnificence as well as integration of this healing on many levels. I have come to understand that we go through life carrying, and often burying, the burdens of past wounds. We forget that it is our birthright to experience love of self, grace and a lightness in our being. Many of us have survived trauma and go through life constricted by the responses embedded within us from those experiences. Soulular Therapy will help to open a space where the contracted state can be held in love and transform to a lighter, more graceful and expansive state.

  • Energy Medicine
  • Intuitive Reading
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Visceral Manipulation

About Karen

Karen combines techniques of energy medicine, intuitive coaching, craniosacral and visceral manipulation.
Karen Chonzena, LMP
Energy Intuitive
Karen has been a healer since 2004. She has advanced training in energy therapies as well as breathwork, meditation, and shamanic healing. Through these courses, and a few inspired teachers, she has honed her craft and reaffirmed her love of healing at the subtle energy levels.


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